ALF Statement to Members Regarding AZ Supreme Court Orders Changing ER’s 5.4, 7.1–7.5.

The Arizona Supreme Court issued a press release on August 27, 2020, announcing new court orders modifying dozens of current rules regarding lawyer regulation and the delivery of legal services. The press release describes these changes in the headline, “Arizona Supreme Court Makes Generational Advance in Access to Justice.” Many of our members have been […]

Delivering Legal Services in Arizona in the Near Future

Eighteen months ago the Arizona Supreme Court created a task force to evaluate possible changes in how legal services are delivered in Arizona. Vice-Chief Justice Ann Timmer chaired the task force. It examined the current delivery system with the “primary goal of expanding access to legal services and the secondary goal of considering amendments to […]

Our Legislative, Executive, and Judicial Branches Are Not Co-equal

Many Americans think that the first three articles in our Constitution define “co-equal” branches. They do not. They identify and define the powers of each. Article I is the Legislative. Article II is the Executive. Article III is the Judicial. The recent media and campaign insistence they are “co-equal,” is aspirational, but inaccurate. Misleading claims […]

Famous Quotes—the Rule of Law in America

The “Rule of Law” is simultaneously applied, discussed, ignored, and threatened in Washington DC. It applies in Congress, federal and state courts, and every state legislature. It is currently at risk in the White House. Citizens wonder about the independence of the courts and impartiality of the executive. And they doubt the legislature’s fortitude to […]