Trustees & Leadership

Our corporate structure under the Arizona Corporation Commission as of January 1, 2018 is noted above. We do business under the trade name, Arizona Lawyers Foundation for ease of reference, and to affirm our intent to create an endowment to protect the Rule of Law in Arizona and preserve our independent judiciary.

Our trustees are the legal owner of the endowment we intend to create and are responsible for handling assets held in trust, tax filings for the trust, and distributing the assets according to the terms of the trust. Both roles involve duties that are legally required. Our trustees are financial donors and are committed to the Mission and Values Statement, as stated on this website.

Our leadership team is committed to rebranding the core mission and creating the three pillars by which the Arizona Lawyers Foundation will fulfill its strategic plan: Connection, Education, & Philanthropy.

2020 Trustees

  • Randy Nussbaum, Board Chair, Sacks Tierney, PLLC
  • Gordon Lewis, Jones, Skelton, & Hochuli, PLLC
  • Michele Feeney, Feeney Law, PLC
  • Burt Kinerk, Kinerk & Kinerk, LLC
  • Harry Beans, CLE-West
  • Roxanne Song Ong, Retired Chief Judge Phoenix Municipal Court
  • Fritz Aspey, Aspey Watkins & Diesel, PLC
  • Ashley Adams, Adams & Associates, PLC.
  • Thomas Ryan, Law Offices of Thomas M. Ryan

2020 Officers

  • Gary L. Stuart, President & Chief Executive Officer
  • Samantha Williams, Chief Strategy Officer
  • Lew Halpert, Chief Administrative Officer
  • Pat Hoernig, Chief Financial Officer