Burton J. Kinerk and Harry Beans started the first iteration of the company in 2002 when they formed Arizona’s Best Lawyers, LLC. The first executive director was former Arizona Chief Justice Frank X. Gordon. In 2004, they changed the corporate name to Arizona’s Finest Lawyers, LLC, reorganizing the company as a marketing resource and a lawyer validation authority for experienced and notable Arizona lawyers. In 2007, they reorganized the company and asked Gary L. Stuart to join the ownership team and serve as its President & CEO. Stuart ran the company as a for-profit business until 2017, when the Board of Directors decided to abandon the for-profit validation business and become a nonprofit foundation. The new name for the entity was Arizona’s Finest Lawyers Foundation, Inc. an Arizona nonprofit corporation. The IRS granted the new entity 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status in 2018. It continues to function under that name, but our website operates under the trade name of Arizona Lawyers Foundation, for easy reference as a nonprofit focused on advancing the Rule of Law in Arizona and protecting our independent judiciary.